10 Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity

During my many years in healthcare & private practice I have learned what patients can do to effectively maintain immune health during cold and flu season and I am here to share the basics with you. To maintain proper immune function you must ensure to do the following:

  1. Getting immune boosting nutrient dense foods into your diet. This consists of organic high fibre, protein, good fats and low carbohydrate or processed foods.
  2. Drinking 1-2 litres of Alkaline water to reduce inflammation and hydrate your body. It is also important to be hydrated prior to meals so you have enough digestive juices to break down and absorb your foods.
  3. Making time to be physically active helps to keep you strong, detoxify the body and promotes better mental health. I recommend trying to get outside for at least 30 mins + per day.
  4. Getting 8 hours of restful & restorative sleep. This promotes a healthy body and mind and it is integral to optimal health.
  5. Taking the building blocks of your immune system daily can also protect and promote better health. The most effective supplements to do this especially during cold and flu season are Vitamin D, Vitamin C with Quercetin, Probiotics, & Zinc. Make sure to have your practitioner dose you based on weight height and medical history.
  6.  If you do become ill with a cold or flu you can increase your base immune supplements plus add Andrographis to help fight off infections and N.A.C to help detox and repair the liver, lungs and sinuses.
  7. Using fresh garlic, ginger, lemon & Manuka honey +16 for antibacterial antiviral support is helpful to add to into foods or by making this combination into a hot drink with water to taste.
  8. Bone Broth for good collagen minerals and as a deep immune tonic. I recommend 1- 2 cups daily either make your own or buy at your local butcher or in powder forms.
  9. Use Himalayan or sea salt in food for extra electrolytes and mineral balancing.
  10. Always get fresh air in your home or office to reduce bacteria and harmful chemicals.

I will also share my immune boosting Covid Kit I have customized with strong therapeutic grade and dosed supplementation.

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With Love,

Lisa Blake