Our Services

Initial Consultation 1-1.5 hours ($195)
During an initial consultation we will discuss your medical history, and medications or current supplements you are taking. We will also discuss your health goals and specifically the areas of your health you would like to improve upon and explore. If you do not have current full body lab work, then you will be referred to out to do so. You will be given recommendations and referrals based on your specific needs and asked to do a 7 day food intake journal.
Follow up 1 hr ($150)
In this consultation we will review any lab work and food journal. You will be given  specific dietary and supplement protocol should you need it. This will include breakfast, lunch dinner, snack, smoothies & juices specific to any deficiencies or to your individual health needs & goals. You will also be provided with tools, apps and affordable options to ensure you can eat healthfully either at home or when you are on the go.  There will be a provided plan of treatment.
Follow up 45 mins ($100)
During this consultation we will discuss lab work supplementation recommendations and lifestyle recommendations. You will be provided with recommendations and recipes and a treatment plan. 
Follow up 30 mins ($75) 
In this consultation we will discuss how treatments are going and send out for any new lab work or alter diet or supplement protocols. 
Question & Answer (phone or zoom) 15 mins ($50) 
This is to address any questions or concerns you may have. 
Skin Consultation 45 mins- 1hr $150 
In this initial consultation we will examine your skin and go over your goals and how you would like to improve any current problem areas. You will get recommendations for customized topicals, supplements and dietary recommendations.